Janet Bean

baby with CLICK for Babies purple cap

"I Believe…
I believe in preventative medicine.
I believe in safe beginnings to life.
I believe that the CLICK campaign supports both of these things.
And, so, I give my time to creating PURPLE hats and encouraging others to so.

I share information and solicit little purple hats at St. John the Baptist Episcopal church in Portland, OR. We knit all summer and into the fall, and on the last Sunday in September, we bless a basket of tiny bonnets, which we then take to Randall Children’s Hospital.

I also supply information, enthusiasm and encouragement to local yarn shops as they educate their neighbors and crafting communities about the totally unnecessary and totally preventable effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
I believe in the work we do. I believe CLICK makes a difference."

Janet Bean has been a vital volunteer in the Oregon CLICK for Babies campaign since 2012. Thank you for all you do, Janet!