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Where to Send Your Caps and Booties

Hats and booties are distributed to hospitals, maternity centers, etc. who deliver the Period of PURPLE Crying program to families of new babies. While there are organizations who participate in the CLICK for Babies campaign all over North America, most states and provinces don't have local drop off locations. If you are knitting or crocheting hats and/or booties for an area without a local mailing or drop off location, please send your crafted items to our office at:
NCSBS - c/o CLICK for Babies
1433 N 1075 W - Suite 110
Farmington, UT 84025.

If you live in any of the following regions, please click on the button to find a mailing address, drop off location or local contact near you:

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Sharing powerful stories and featuring individuals and groups making a difference in their local community!

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The Period of PURPLE Crying campaign has a powerful mission that grabs media attention! Stories are being published in every jurisdiction.

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Join the Discussion

Have questions about the campaign? We have answers!

• Patterns and More •

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Get a wide variety of FREE custom patterns for your PURPLE caps and booties and start knitting today!

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Crafting Guidelines

Parents select their favorite hat from the dozens on display in their birth centers. These guidelines will increase the likelihood of YOUR hat going home with a family.

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Talking Points

The goal of CLICK for Babies is to start conversations. We’ve put together talking points to help you talk to others about CLICK for Babies, the Period of PURPLE Crying and Shaken Baby Syndrome.