Why Knit 1, Tell 2, Give 3?
The purpose is to encourage participants to craft one cap, tell two people and give three dollars. This will increase awareness about the Period of PURPLE Crying and help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  Why isn’t there a CLICK for Babies campaign in my area?
CLICK for Babies is a public education campaign organized by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) in partnership with invited jurisdictions who have implemented the Period of PURPLE Crying prevention program. A state, province or community is invited to participate if (a) the Period of PURPLE Crying program has been broadly implemented and is being delivered to families with a new baby at birthing hospitals, public health offices and/or through home visiting programs, (b) there is an established leadership team of vested stakeholders willing to organize and support the campaign at a state or local level, and (c) have agreed to adhere to the guidelines that have been developed for the campaign and have provided a signed letter of agreement to the NCSBS.
  There’s not a CLICK for Babies Campaign organized in my area. Can I still knit or crochet caps?
Definitely! As the Period of PURPLE Crying program expands, new jurisdictions will be invited to participate and organize local campaigns. However, you can still participate in the CLICK for Babies campaign even if a campaign is not currently being organized in your area.
  1. Send your knitted or crocheted caps to a collection site in a participating jurisdiction listed on the map.

  2. Send your knitted or crocheted caps to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Caps will be distributed to jurisdictions in need of additional caps.
    National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    C/O CLICK for Babies
    1433 North 1075 West, Ste 110
    Farmington, UT 84025

  3. Contact the NCSBS and discuss how you can help encourage the implementation of the Period of PURPLE Crying program in your area.

  Can I send my caps directly to the hospital(s) in my area since I don't have a local campaign?
Click for Babies is grassroots public awareness campaign to create awareness of the Period of PURPLE Crying, a program which works to prevent infant abuse by providing life-saving education to parents and caregivers about normal infant crying and the dangers of shaking. Click for Babies is a campaign of the Period of PURPLE Crying program, thus caps are only being distributed by partnering organizations to hospitals that are providing the Period of PURPLE Crying to families.
  Can caps be crocheted instead of knitted?
Absolutely! Whether you knit or crochet, we need your help to make PURPLE baby caps and help prevent infant abuse.
  Are there specific dimensions, designs and patterns for caps?
Caps should be made using any shade of soft-to-the touch PURPLE colored yarn and made to fit a new infant's head. Dimensions of infant heads will vary. As a guide, caps should have a circumference of 14” (13”-15”) and a height of 4-6”. Please refrain from including any potential choking and strangling hazards to babies such as pom-poms, tassels, straps, bows, ribbons, or buttons.
Designs and patterns for caps are completely up to the crafter. Free patterns are available on the “KNIT” section of the CLICK for Babies website.
  I don’t knit or crochet, can I still get involved?
Absolutely yes! There are numerous other ways to get involved in the CLICK for Babies Campaign.
  • Learn and share! Spread information on CLICK for Babies, the Period of PURPLE Crying and Shaken Baby Syndrome verbally, through social media or by hanging flyers around the community. Visit the “Tell” section on the CLICK for Babies website for more information.
  • Donate! Monetary donations will be used to help prevent shaken baby syndrome and improve the overall care of infants. Or provide a crafter with new, soft-to-the touch washable yarn.
  • Volunteer! Volunteers are needed in each jurisdiction to help sort, tag and box up caps for shipment, writing thank you notes to cap donors and/or to assist with local events. Visit the “Get Involved with a Campaign Near You” section on the homepage of the CLICK for Babies website to find more information on where you can volunteer.
  Where does my donation go?
Monetary donations will be used to provide support to jurisdictions participating in the CLICK for Babies campaign.

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