CLICK for Babies Knit 1 Hat Banner

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 CLICK for Babies Knit and Crochet Pattern Contest. A special thank you to Mary Maxim for their generous support of the contest and CLICK for Babies campaign.

Thank you to each of you that participated in the contest and submitted patterns for consideration. You all made the decision very difficult and also a lot of fun.

1st Prize - Emily Corker 1st Prize - Katie Barrette
2nd Prize - Terri Serio 2nd Prize - Terri Serio
3rd Prize - Christa Sheridan 3rd Prize - Elizabeth Van Maanen

In the next few weeks the winning patterns will be incorporated into official CLICK for Babies knit and crochet kits. The kits will be available on and will include everything you need to make the cap. The proceeds from the kits will help fund child abuse prevention efforts in the U.S. and Canada. Keep watching the website for the link to the official kits when they go live in a few weeks.