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Caps for Babies educate about Purple Period of Crying
Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, Montana


"Public health nurse Rayna Joshu said she often educates expectant and new parents about what to expect when their babies cry. Joshu and Marcia Ward, both registered nurses with the maternal and child health staff at Cascade City-County Health Department, said they spend a lot of time educating about parenting and tailoring their lessons to the client.

"I try to tell families it happens to everyone; everyone feels overwhelmed," Joshu said.

New parents are taught to expect a period of peak crying when the babies reach an age of about 2 months, when some babies may cry five to six hours at a time."

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Click for Babies 2014 purple hat campaign launches in Portland
Oregon Live, Portland, OR

05.27.2014 | 11:00:00 AM

It's a little project with huge consequences. The hats help teach new parents about PURPLE crying, the normal but exhausting, frustrating and downright scary developmental phase infants go through and parents must endure. It's the period when a child cries long and loud, for no reason that can be discerned. It's hard on babies, harder still on parents. And it's the No. 1 trigger for the shaking and abuse of infants. Roughly 80 percent of all infants who are shaken suffer significant brain injuries, and more than 30 percent die. And purple hats can help prevent it.

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Knitters click to recognize shaken baby syndrome
Standard-Examiner, Farmington, UT

05.23.2014 | 09:28:00 AM MST

Shaken baby syndrome is the most common and most dangerous form of abuse in children under one. Approximately 80 percent of all infant who are shaken suffer significant brain injuries and upwards of 30 percent die as a result of their injuries.

This summer, knitters across Utah and the nation will be clicking their knitting needles together to make purple colored baby caps for the CLICK for Babies, Period of PURPLE Crying Caps campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about normal infant crying and the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma.

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T‚Äčouched by tragedy, Dracut grandfather works to stop shaken-baby deaths
The Valley Dispatch, Dracut, MA

05.18.2014 | 03:37:39 PM EDT

When Bob Logan's 6-month-old grandson, Devin, died of a severe brain injury in 2005 as a result of being shaken in a fit of rage by the baby's father, it would have been easy for Logan to remain angry for life and do nothing. Instead, he turned his tragedy into a mission to prevent other babies from suffering the same fate.

"I have an opportunity to help reach people, directly and indirectly, who may not know that it's not OK to shake a baby," Logan said from his Bridle Path Road home.

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